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Meet The 3D Rendering Team

Bill Sowa

Bill Sowa, RLA, ISA Certified Arborist, Principal
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Brian Glick

Brian Glick, RLA, Landscape Architecture Manager
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Calandra Monasterio

Calandra Monasterio, RLA, Project Landscape Architect
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Shawn Taylor

Shawn Taylor, Project Manager
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Gino Orlando

Gino Orlando, Assistant Landscape Designer

Justin Hauser

Justin Hauser, Landscape Designer

Featured Project: Golden Oak Park

Located in San Jose, Golden Oak Park is part of the multi-phase residential Urban Oaks project located in San Jose. The public park is uniquely driven by the biomimicry theme. The theme represents the interconnectedness of the 3 separate realms while also allowing each realm to be designated spaces that provide multiple active/passive spaces for residents. The 3 themes include the Living Realm, the Understory Realm, and the Canopy Realm.


Featured Project: Sunsweet

Covering 1.63 acres, this mixed-use development project located in Morgan Hill includes 83 residential units and a ground floor retail/commercial space.

The focus of the project was to transform an under-utilized historic site into a thriving mixed-use development attracting new residents to the up-and-coming community of Morgan Hill, implement a design that draws from the historic nature of the site utilizing materials and features reminiscent of the previous Sunsweet fruit packing facility, capitalize on the proximity to the downtown retail area effectively expanding the heart of Morgan Hill, establish the project as an anchor for the pedestrian-friendly Third Street promenade, and create a precedent in design for future development in Morgan Hill.


Featured Project: US 101 / De La Cruz / Trimble Interchange Improvements

HMH will reconfigure the existing ¾ cloverleaf interchange into a partial cloverleaf and adds a grade separated Class I trail under the high-volume southbound ramps. The project includes two protected intersections to connect the Class I facility to existing city streets. The local roadway is identified as a Cross County Bicycle Corridor (CCBC) network in the Draft Countywide Bicycle Plan (Feb 2018) with a moderate to high priority for implementation. Also identified as an Across Barrier Connection (ABC), De La Cruz Boulevard/Trimble Road is one of a few connections across the US 101 freeway within the North San Jose area.


Featured Project: Silver At Ohlone

Located on the corner of Auzerais Avenue and Sunol Street in San Jose, the 2.2 acre site has 263 residential apartment units and includes multiple high-quality amenities including a pool, a hot tub and spa, lounge seating, BBQ and picnic areas on both the podium and ground level floors, outdoor gaming rooms, and many more amenities. The space is designed to accommodate varying group sizes with a goal to create spaces to give residents options for outdoor activities.


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