Brian Glick

Areas of Expertise

  • Landscape Architecture

Brian Glick, RLA

Landscape Architecture Manager

With more than 16 years of Landscape Architecture experience, Brian’s project management and design skills assist in providing guidance for idea generation, site design and technical preparation of construction documents.  HMH has considered him a valuable team member for more than 14 years.  He is instrumental in the facilitation/processing of government agency approvals, consultant and subconsultant coordination.  His interest in the other design professions has positioned our office in a lead consultant role for many projects.  This has reinforced his belief that well trained landscape architects make great project leaders.  In addition, Brian has advanced knowledge in multiple computer-based programs and oversees the preparation of plans, maps and graphics. Brian provides quality assurance for products generated in the office driven by his dedicated supervision and keen attention to detail.

In addition to his management role, Brian also leads many of HMH’s business development campaigns which combine his focus on client satisfaction with dedication to project diversity.