Coyote Creek Trail

The Coyote Creek Trail borders the Market Park master planned transit community and is part of a significant open space network for the site’s planned 3,600 residential units, offices and retail facilities. Working with KB Homes, San Jose Department of Public Works, and The City’s Recreation and Neighborhood Services, HMH designed and created construction documents for an extension of the trail north of Berryessa Road.

Consistent with The City’s Coyote Creek Trail Master Plan, this quarter-mile link will serve as an access point to more than 600 residences when the north side of Berryessa Road  (formerly Flea Market parking area) is fully developed. A gateway monument and specialized pavement identifies the entry to this portion of the multi-use trail.

HMH designed the extension along with a regional stormwater retention basin and a biotreatment basin, the first application of large stormwater treatment in the San Jose Area. The treatment area borders the west portion of the trail, which, along with the creek banks, creates a rich nature setting for walkers and bicyclists. Canopy trees and an access road into the sites north of Berryessa Road border the east portion of the trail. HMH also coordinated riparian migration, or preservation of the creek vegetation zone, with H.T. Harvey & Associates.

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  • Civil Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Stormwater Compliance
  • Land Use Entitlements


San Jose, CA



Key Facts

  • Client: KB Home
  • Client: City of San Jose
  • Link walkers and cyclists to main trail
  • Regional stormwater treatment facility.
  • Riparian mitigation area.
  • Gateway entry element.
  • Improves neighborhood walkability.

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