HMH provided complete planning entitlement, engineering and surveying services for the development of approximately 100 acres as the first phase of the Evergreen Specific Plan in southeast San Jose. This project introduced new public street sections to the City which included narrow traveled ways and adjacent parking bays. Utilities and services were located to fit within the limited area available, and will serve as a basis for the design of future projects within the Evergreen Specific Plan area. The Evergreen Village Center establishes the overall identity of the Evergreen Specific Plan area. It houses a variety of local serving specialty retail uses. The plaza at the center of the market area is an open air arcade integrated into the street and pedestrian network. The mixed use community serving commercial, public space and residential village is the center piece of the Evergreen area.


  • Conceptual Master Plans and Site Plans
  • Stormwater Compliance
  • Entitlement Management and Processing
  • Civil Engineering


San Jose, CA

Key Facts

  • Client: Shapell Homes

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