Future Flea Market Park

Adjacent to the Coyote Creek Trail which borders the Market Park neighborhood, the future Flea Market Park is part of a significant open space network for a planned 3,600 residential units, offices and retail facilities.

For the 3.5-acre future Flea Market Park, HMH designed with an emphasis on recreation. The park centers on a multipurpose central turf area for junior sports and also includes a tennis court, a training circuit, and a bocce court. HMH utilizes an orchard meadow motif on the paved memorial plaza, which will hold seating and a shade structure. An entrance to Coyote Trail is prominently featured. And in response to community input, the future Flea Market Park features a large dog park that offers separate areas for small and large dogs along with canine amenities.

The design includes flood control infrastructure for the protection of the local neighborhood. HMH has accommodated a water retention area that serves to capture and control the disbursement of excess water to Coyote Creek, should a flood event occur.

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  • Land Use Entitlement
  • Civil Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Land Surveying
  • Stormwater Compliance


San Jose, CA



Key Facts

  • Client: KB Home
  • Client: City of San Jose
  • Create recreational and fitness spaces
  • Link park with Coyote Creek Trail
  • Feature dog park
  • Design with best sustainability practices

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