Future Flea Market Park

This multi-purposed 3.5-acre park will be a central gathering landmark for the Market Park neighborhood. Together with nearby small parks and trails, the future Flea Market Park is part of a significant open space network for a planned 3,600 residential units, offices and retail facilities.

For the Future Flea Market Park, HMH designed a large, central, multi-use lawn area bordered by a variety of amenities: tot lot, playground, BBQ and dining areas, and a parkour course. The lawn typography is stepped to create broad amphitheater-like seating. A native planting area contains both a hummingbird garden and a Zen-inspired mediation garden. HMH has infused the park with local history through sculptures, artifacts and the design of a main plaza. Inspired by San Jose’s once-dominant agricultural orchards, HMH utilizes a grid of trees on the park’s plaza, which frame tables, seating, lawn sports courts and barbeques. HMH landscape designers incorporated community input into the park design.

View the park concept utilizing augmented reality software.

Learn more about the 120 acre transit oriented development.


  • Land Use Entitlements and Land Planning
  • Civil Engineering
  • Land Surveying
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Stormwater Compliance


San Jose, CA



Key Facts

  • Client: City of San Jose
  • Client: San Jose Flea Market Entitlements
  • Create multipurpose spaces
  • Reference history of area and culture
  • Design to promote community gatherings
  • Incorporate public input into design

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