McClellan Road Sidewalk Improvements

HMH is currently leading the City of Cupertino’s sidewalk improvement effort in the Monte Vista neighborhood of Cupertino.  The City’s Pedestrian Transportation Plan identified several gaps in pedestrian connections adjacent to the Monta Vista High School.  As part of the City’s Safe Routes to School Program, HMH is designing curb, gutter and sidewalk improvements to convert an area of incorporated county land up to current city standards.

The project faces both community and technical challenges due to the existing build out of the area.  Private frontages without sidewalk improvements typically extend well into the proposed city street section and do not consider standard drainage patterns or ADA accessibility. In order to build the desired project, the city will acquire six property frontages and will relocate private fences, mailboxes, utility services, irrigation, and tree removals as well as rebuild private driveways, and warp sidewalk and curb paving to facilitate access and drainage.  HMH is working closely to support the city and address each property owner’s specific concerns regarding their private properties.

Both projects required coordination with and concurrence from property owners in order to provide improvements that met the City’s goals while still respecting the concerns of property owners. This included acquiring property dedications at various locations where private improvements existed and coordinating with private utility companies for relocations.


  • Public Works
  • Land Surveying


Cupertino, CA



Key Facts

  • Client: City of Cupertino
  • 7 Property Acquisitions
  • Improved Pedestrian Accommodations
  • Completed Critical Gaps in Pedestrian Infrastructure

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