Sunnyvale Downtown Streetscape

The goal of this improvement project was to enhance roadway segments and to implement streetscape design themes in order to unify the downtown commercial and residential areas. The scope of the project included the installation of wider sidewalks, street trees with grates, irrigation systems, street lighting, street furniture, and bicycle parking facilities. Roadway pavement, traffic loop detectors, and roadway striping were also installed. The design included the necessary conform area between the existing grade and the new back of sidewalk.

Phase I improvements are located along Sunnyvale Avenue between Iowa Avenue and Evelyn Avenue. Phase II improvements are located along Iowa Avenue between Sunnyvale Avenue and Mathilda Avenue.

Prior to construction, HMH provided mapping and legal documents to the City that allowed for the acquisition of right-of-way necessary to install the proposed improvements.


  • Civil Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Stormwater Compliance


Sunnyvale, CA

Key Facts

  • Client: City of Sunnyvale
  • Detailed grading to allow for smooth transitions between widened sidewalk and existing property grades.
  • Adjusted scope of design to coordinate with construction budget constraints.
  • Phased construction to minimize impacts to local businesses and residents.

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