The Platform

Located within Market Park, one of the largest planned mixed-use developments in The City of San Jose’s history, The Platform is a 551-unit multifamily apartment complex with 37,500 square feet of retail space. This transit-oriented development will be the nearest apartment community to the new Berryessa BART train station, allowing residents to walk to nearby BART platforms.

HMH handled entitlements, including helping add retail space later in the process, in response to The Mayor’s goal of bringing more jobs to San Jose. Engineering challenges included managing ground water, since the site included underground parking covering almost the entire property. Integrated efforts by HMH’s planning and engineering groups helped process one of the first regional Low Impact Development storm water features in San Jose. This allows The Platform to reach its density potential while having all of the public and private water treated in one location. Collaborating with project consultants, HMH also instituted a plan for the routing of infrastructure that allowed for a more efficient and more cost effective construction of the development’s base podium, or foundation.

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  • Land Use Entitlements and Land Planning
  • Civil Engineering
  • Land Surveying


San Jose, CA

Key Facts

  • Client: Western National Group
  • Client: San Jose Flea Market Entitlements
  • Implement Low Impact Development for community water quality
  • Coordinate with other agencies for efficiency
  • Facilitate entitlement fluctuations

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