U.S. 101 Bailey Avenue Interchange

The Route 101/Bailey Avenue Interchange was part of the Bailey Avenue Extension project, a $45 million improvement to provide access to the North Coyote Valley Campus Industrial Area in South San Jose. The City of San Jose and the developer, CVRP, jointly sponsored the project using a combination of STIP funds and local funds.

Working closely with the City of San Jose, Caltrans, VTA and local developers, HMH designed the U.S. 101/Bailey Avenue Interchange to provide access to the North Coyote Valley Campus Industrial Area in south San Jose. This freeway interchange includes a 4-lane highway overcrossing structure and 2-lane ramps in all quadrants including a loop ramp for the northbound on-ramp. In addition to the freeway interchange, the Bailey Avenue Extension includes a 500-foot long 6-lane bridge across Coyote Creek and a grade separation over the UPRR tracks at Monterey Road, with connector ramps between Bailey Avenue and Monterey Road. The project was built in multiple phases to take advantage of the availability of State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) funds, California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) Grade Separation funds and local agency funding.

In addition to the preparation of Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E), HMH performed all right-of-way design engineering and topographic surveys for the project’s various segments. We performed control surveys, boundary resolution and aerial topographic mapping to Caltrans standards, along with supplemental ground surveys for conform elevations and utility features.

HMH prepared legal descriptions & plat maps and coordinated inter-agency right-of-way transfers involving Caltrans, City of San Jose, Santa Clara County Parks and Santa Clara County Roads & Airports Departments. HMH assisted our clients in acquiring right-of-way from three private owners, all without eminent domain. At the completion of the right-of-way engineering process, a Record of Survey was prepared and filed for recordation to incorporate the official monumentation of the centerline for the new Bailey Avenue alignment from west of Monterey Road to east of U.S. 101.

HMH devised a construction packaging strategy to successfully maximize use of available public agency and private developer funds.

HMH prepared right-of-way documents (e.g. Record of Survey) and assisted our clients in facilitating the acquisition and land transfers among Caltrans, the City and two County agencies.

VTA staff complimented HMH on their performance “on time and within budget” and with minimal change orders for the $15 million freeway interchange contract.



  • Public Works
  • Stormwater Compliance


San Jose, CA

Key Facts

  • Client: Caltrans
  • Client: City of San Jose
  • New freeway interchange to access Coyote Valley.
  • 700-foot long six-lane bridge over Coyote Creek.
  • Grade separation over UPRR and Monterey Road.

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