Land Use Entitlement and Land Planning

HMH’s specialized team of land use planners offers comprehensive project management skills from site planning through permit approvals. Our clients’ goals and objectives are incorporated into our collaborative design process to produce quality and results. We proactively examine site opportunities and constraints in conjunction with agency requirements to provide a road map for project success. Collaborative group discussions on the topics of site planning, utility design, grading, water quality/quantity mitigation, transportation planning, and landscape design produces valuable data for successful project implementation. This collaboration, along with a strong team approach, gives our clients the confidence that their project vision will become a reality.

SITE MASTER PLANS: HMH takes a comprehensive look at the efforts surrounding land use planning. Using the team approach, HMH looks beyond the project limits to help identify potential issues surrounding a development. We produce distinctive master plan designs and are actively involved in community outreach and agency staff coordination to ensure community integration. We produce presentation-quality project graphics demonstrating site design and surrounding context with hand-colored artistic renderings and 3D computer models. Technical project components are integrated from the start, including site grading design, utility requirements, stormwater compliance and environmental mitigation. HMH has the professional experience and training to bring value to all master planning and site planning efforts.

DEVELOPMENT FEASIBILITY STUDIES: Based on our experience and expertise, HMH provides clients with dependable project Feasibility Reports and Due Diligence Documents. With our breadth of research skills, we will assure that clients are presented with all of the pertinent entitlement information on the site, accurate utility/infrastructure records, and potential encumbrances that may impact the project site. All of these studies and analysis provide for realistic “highest and best use” determinations, and assists our clients in making sound decisions on developing and building the best projects.

ANNEXATION APPLICATIONS: HMH prepares and processes annexation applications for local LAFCO agencies to facilitate annexations and entitlement activities. We provide our clients with assistance throughout the entire process including the preparation of applications, exhibits, plat and legal descriptions and annexation maps.

DISCRETIONARY APPROVALS: HMH has extensive experience and the expertise to facilitate land use approvals for all types of projects. Our unique position with extensive knowledge of local politics and long-standing agency relationships allow for effective processing of General Plan Amendments, Rezoning, Specific Plans, Conditional Use Permits, Site and Architectural approvals, and Planned Development Permits. We connect the people to the process that enable project approval. Our combined experience exceeds sixty years of land use planning for single-family residential developments, multi-family residential developments, commercial/industrial projects, condominiums, institutional projects, recreational facilities, mixed-use developments, and multi-million square foot campus industrial campuses.

TENTATIVE MAPS: HMH prepares and processes Tentative Maps that clearly convey the land rights required for project implementation. Our technical expertise provides the foresight to prepare our maps, showing the groundwork for land right conveyance that best suits the project in compliance with the Subdivision Map Act and other local agency requirements. All of our maps are prepared and checked under the direct supervision of licensed Civil Engineers, Land Surveyors, and the project planner. We have extensive experience in gaining approvals of tentative maps showing subdivisions of land for residential, condominium, industrial and commercial uses.

MANAGEMENT AND PROCESSING: HMH develops a collaborative planning and entitlement process that provides the means to successfully navigate land use, public policy, political, and community needs within the economic requirements of a project. Our long-standing relationships with senior level planning and public works department staff, economic development agency staff, the City manager, City Attorney, and elected officials enable us to bring them into the process as partners. Building on our unique positioning, we develop an overall entitlement strategy that includes land use, environmental regulation, public policy, political navigation and community outreach. Project success is realized through our management and comprehensive approach to the land entitlement process from the beginning.