Landscape Architecture

We design spaces for creativity, for collaboration, and for flexibility.

For over 16 years, our team has been transforming both public and private projects that elevate experiences, shape terrains, and that meet our client’s goals. Continuing the tradition of exceptional service while meeting the needs of employers and local communities, HMH established a Landscape Architecture division to provide professional landscape design services to its clients. The integration of Landscape Architecture into the planning and engineering process allows for the highest level of collaboration, coordination, and sustainability-driven designs for project development throughout each critical milestone. The end result is a cohesive design, fewer construction conflicts and enhanced visual integrity of the project. The division’s multidisciplinary approach results in success for even the most challenging project.


  • Design Development
    • Preliminary Drawings
    • Sketches
    • Concept Packages
  • Illustrative Plans
    • Colored Plans
    • Photosims
    • Illustrative Sections, Elevations
    • 3D Models
  • Landscape Construction Documents
    • Construction Layout Plans
    • Planting Plans
    • Irrigation Plans
    • Construction Details
  • Green Building Coordination
  • Residential Design Services
  • Commercial/Retail Design
  • Project Management
  • 3D Site Modeling
  • Arborist Services


DESIGN DEVELOPMENT We assist the client in achieving success for their project by bringing design themes and ideas to the early stages of a project. Making the aesthetics of the project a high priority is something we take an active role in. The preparation of preliminary drawings and sketches assists the client and design team in visualizing the project’s design elements.

ILLUSTRATIVE PLANS Through color illustrations, sections, elevations and three dimensional models a greater understanding of the relationships between design elements can be communicated. We can enhance a simple sketch or plan graphic by using pencils and markers or taking it through a digital enhancement process. As a design tool the end product can be used at city meetings or with the general public to assist in the selling of the project.

LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS We specialize in exhibits and construction documents that are clear, concise and well coordinated. We communicate our ideas with the intent of not leaving ideas or issues to interpretation or chance. Our goal is to synchronize landscape architectural design elements with those of other consultants to minimize field conflicts and construction delays.

GREEN BUILDING COORDINATION Using LEED Accredited Professionals and Build It Green Certified Professionals, we can provide project design support and check list support for all types of green projects. By integrating water conserving irrigation design, California friendly plant species and proper site design we can help projects achieve the highest standard possible. Continuing education and professional development ensures that our staff is current with the trends and tested technologies associated with project success.

RESIDENTIAL DESIGN SERVICES Making a first impression for any model home complex often falls within the realm of the landscape surrounding the home. Presenting a sense of community is important in the connections between the sales team and the homes being offered for sale. The experience of the home buyer is enhanced by the proper use of planting, monumentation, signage and paving.

COMMERCIAL/RETAIL DESIGN In the competitive market for tenants the landscape design and amenities associated with commercial or retail space can make a difference. HMH has extensive experience in site design around new buildings and market ready renovations. Teaming with Architect and property owner our Landscape Architects can generate some initial concepts for outdoor amenities, hardscape and planting and work on providing information for pricing and cost benefit analysis. Elements such as outdoor kitchens, active use areas, bocce ball courts, sail cloth shade structures and enhanced planting are typically part of these enhanced areas.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT Keeping up with project schedules takes time and coordination. HMH can assist with the transfer of design information between the project team’s consultants, we can creates exhibits for project coordination, we are skilled at preparing city and agency submittals and we maintain good working relationships with design team members and city staff. Reducing delays and assisting the Client to the maximum extent possible is a project management service goal at HMH.

3D SITE MODELING 3D models are a great way to examine the character and feel of a space which is hard to envision from a 2D plan. HMH can take you on an interactive virtual tour of your project, so you can see your project from all angles. A working 3D model can be built at different levels of detail to serve as a tool for design exploration, marketing, and communicating complex construction detailing.

ARBORIST SERVICES With an ISA Certified Arborist support team, HMH creates Certified Arborist Reports, Tree Inventories, Tree Mitigation Plans and Tree Protection Plans for a wide range of development projects.  We provide assistance with Tree Removal Permits as well as a trusted opinion for Tree Preservation and Construction Recommendations when building around relocated or existing trees.