Public Works

HMH combines technical excellence with proactive project management techniques to deliver complex Public Infrastructure projects on schedule and within budget. Our experienced staff provides services that result in quality performance and innovative solutions. HMH is a leader in the industry that works to develop strong and lasting relationships with our clients. HMH is placed to provide efficient and effective project delivery for a wide range of public projects.

Working knowledge of local policies and the political landscape enables HMH to provide unmatched guidance for their private clients, enabling successful navigation through the project entitlement and approval process. HMH has extensive design experience in new development and urban infill redevelopment and can tailor an approach to meet the needs of their client. Their comprehensive approach provides project envisioning with technical compatibility to create innovative and cost effective solutions. Their involvement in significant local public projects includes four light rail transit extensions, several highway and interchange projects, local roadway and utility improvements, and major expansions of San Jose International Airport. Also, continued involvement in the design of public parks, multi-use trails, and bicycle facilities helps provide the multi-modal connections for the growing transportation needs of the Bay Area. HMH takes great pride in their proven performance record of providing high quality professional services needed for project success. They are committed to their values, their ability to respond quickly with appropriate solutions, and their capacity to bring the required balance of time, quality, and budget to a project.


Local Streets/Roadway Infrastructure/Highway and Interchange Improvements

Stormwater and Sanitary Sewer Design

Railroad Grade Crossings/Light Rail Transit Civil Works

Right-of-Way Engineering/Streetscape Design & Traffic Calming

Pavement Rehabilitation Techniques

Project Study and Reports

Plan Line Design and Implementation

Traffic Management Planning

Bicycle and Pedestrian Trails